Crafter's Rules of Acquisition

  1. Keep everything, no matter how useless or small it may be. It will become an essential part of a project one day.
  2. If something is on sale for 90% off, and there is any remote possibility of it being used in a project, buy it. If it comes in multiples, buy it all.
  3. Never turn down a free item, if it is broken or seemingly irreparable, it can always be used as part of another project.
  4. With few exceptions, Crafters are required to check every discount bin, clearance rack and "as is" section of each store.

Fairies in a jar

It's the weekend and it's amazing out early evening.  Thought this would be fun for the kids to make and have fun with.


  • Mason Jar or Any Jar With Lid On
  • Glow stick (choose a non-toxic one for your family and children)
  • Glitters


How to use Chalk Paint

Use any natural hair paint brush, a Chip brush from any local home Improvement store, (Purdy brand is good) or you can look online for an actual “chalk paint brush”.

Tips and info for using Re Treasure Chalk'd Paint

Chalk Paint is an ancient paint, and has been around since B.C., and is NOT a modern invention. Chalk Paints, Milk Paints & Special Effect paints and techniques are becoming extremely popular with the DIY community. WHY? With Chalk Paints, there’s usually no need for sanding or priming. (The exception may be if you’re going to paint a very shiny surface) A slight scuffing/sanding (to create some ‘tooth’) is recommended.

Heartache in History

We all know how difficult it can be to give up those treasures we have taken time to put together.  Just the other day I was telling someone how hard it is when I see a piece of fabric leave the store that I absolutely love.  I see is the 70's Bell Bottoms or Skirt that my head has been making out of it, walking out.  The good thing is I also see the excitement of the new owner and often wonder what they see themselves making with it.